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October 19–Listen

Something I have absolutely loved learning is the language of the
spirit. I have found that it’s like the muscles in our arms. The more
we use them, the stronger they get. It is the same with the spirit.
Not long ago I made the commitment to act on all promptings large or
small. Rather I thought it was my own thought or the Lord. And man,
have I seen a difference. At first the promptings were small and
unfruitful, but as I acted on each one, they got larger and more
constant. And then came the miracles. Some have been small. Such as
being prompted to bring an extra book or Mormon to dinner and the
member needing it. And then as large as finding a wonderful new
investigator such as, Shannon.

We had an awesome exchange miracle! Sister Allen and I went to a
teaching appointment and sadly, they were not there. But as we were
walking down the street, we started talking to a group of guys fixing
a car. They weren’t interested but told us their friend might be. We
went and knocked on their friends door and you wouldn’t believe it. He
was currently sort of meeting with the elders in that area and was
just in need of a prayer. And then BAM God sent the missionaries.
After getting to know him a little, we were able to discern his needs
and the Lord was able to use us as his instruments. It was so neat.
Before we walked away, I had the distinct impression to ask him to be
baptized. When I did, he lit up and said, “I think thats what God
wants me to do.” It was an incredible moment. Almost as incredible as
the elders faces when we told them. Haha! Missionary work is the best!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week!
Don’t forget to ponderize.
Sister Mayfield.

September 28 — Catch Up

Okay, please forgive me for not having written everyone in so long. It
has been a crazy few weeks. But here we are again, at the start of a
new transfer. Sister Haycock and I are being split up. (We knew it was
just a matter of time, since we got a long so stinking well. ) I will
be getting Sister Leete here in Sunrise. She is a great sister who is
also quite old in the mission. She is a hard worker, so I am super
excited about being able to work her to the ground this last and final

The work has being going well. We have this investigator named Jimmy
who is just fascinated with the gospel. He thrives in our lessons and
is preparing to be baptized next week. He reminds me how joyful the
gospel is. Especially to those who have never known exactly how much
God loves them. People need this gospel in their lives.

Any of you ladies watch the Women’s Conference?! Man, it was
incredible. (As always. ) my favorite quote from Sister McConkie was,
“The family is the central part of the Work of Salvation.” How true is
that? Families are just as much of the Plan of Salvation as the
creation was. I love my family.

I Just want to let all of y’all know that I have a strong testimony of
prayer and fasting. The two combined can work miracles. Never
underestimate what can be done through Christ.

Anyway…a quick Happy Birthday shout out to my Aunt Mindy!
And I really hope all is well. I love y’all so much, it hurts.
Keep prayin’ ….I promise He listens.
Sister Micole Mayfield

September 7 — I Could Fly!

This week has been absolutely nuts. I don’t even know where to begin.
We had days full of meetings and teaching and finding and baptisms and
persecution and triumph. It’s been a good one.

This week I grew extra grateful for the gift of a testimony. There is
no better gift. This week we were reminded multiple times why Vegas
has been given the nickname, “sin city.” But in return we gained a
stronger gratitude for the beauty of the gospel in our lives. I have
been completely spoiled.

We had our first baptism in this area. Her name is Gloria. She is also
from Georgia and we have been teaching her from day one here. The
baptism was phenomenal and she came out yelling, “I feel like I could
fly!” Man, the spirit will do that for you. What a saint. Gloria
always has the ability to put in words what everyone is thinking but
won’t say. The gospel really does make you feel like you could fly.

He lives, Y’all. There is no doubt in my mind. And we can share that
fact with everyone we come in contact with. Even if we are not a full
time missionary. We are always called to be full time disciples. A
disciple is a learner. One who is learning to be more like our Savior.
That is our ultimate goal. And it’s hard. But it’s worth is.

I love all of you.
Sister Mayfield.

August 24 — Good Morning!


Well I am officially in love with my new area and my new companion. I
could not wish for anything more. Sister Haycock is incredible and it
took no time to become the best of friends.

This week I would like to set aside the lessons we taught (which we
amazing) and the amazing investigators we are now teaching (who are
incredible) and bare my testimony on the Plan of Salvation and the
temple. I received a call from the office this past week Informing me
that my dear friend Derek White had passed away in a fatal car
accident. I knew him better as Elder White, for we had the opportunity
to serve along side each other for some time here in Vegas. He was
down here in Vegas visiting those he taught and those of us he knew,
and while on his way back, he was in an accident and passed away on
the spot.

This week my love for the gospel has grown even more as I have been
able to give tours of the temple and testify that I know God has a
plan for us. His plan includes the opportunity to see our loved ones
after this life. We can be sealed to our families forever. We will see
Derek again. And the temples are proof that of God’s love. Thank
goodness for the Plan of Salvation! Thank goodness for a Savior who
broke the bonds of death and has created a way for us to return to our
Heavenly Father and to our loved ones. So death never has to be the
end. Because of our Savior we have everlasting beginnings.

My heart and prayers go out to the white family and all those who knew
Derek. He was an incredible missionary, pianist and friend. He will be
missed terribly.

The church is true, y’all. It really is.
Sister Micole Mayfield

August 17 — White Doves!

Y’all will never ever believe transfer news. Y’all are going to need to
sit down for this one. I am getting transferred (actually double
transferred) to Central/ Sunrise! That is right up by the temple. But
here is the kicker……my companion is….SISTER FLIPPING HAYCOCK!
Those of you who don’t know, Sister Haycock and I are from be same
home ward. Her Dad is my Bishop back home. Holy Cow! She’s a new STL
and only been out 6 months. I am beyond excited! It’s going to be a
good 2 transfers.

Speaking of that, I worded my last email terribly. I have two more
transfers, not one. Ha! Do t hip me of my time. ūüėČ

This week was crazy! Trainings galor. You know what, I can’t complain
about anything in my life. LIFE IS WONDERFUL!

We took Nate and Jori to the temple and it was he most amazing
experience. We walked around the entire temple silently and then Nate
practically bore his testimony that the church is true. Then, get
this, when we went and sat in the atrium, there was a little white
dove there, who sat peacefully the entire time we were there. I love
the temple, and the tender mercies of the Lord. There is no doubt in
my mind he is constantly aware of our every need.

Hope y’all have a great week!

August 10–I am not neutral!

This week was a bit of a struggle…not going to lie. But it was worth every single painful second! It ended with taking Sharonda to the temple for the first time. As we started to walk down the stairs and she stopped in her tracks and started to cry. She kept saying, “Im home, this is the best feeling in the world.” Oh my goodness, this is true joy, yall.

This week my life has changed after reading more about Elder Packers life. He once kneeled in prayer and said, ”¬†I am not neutral, and you can do with me what you want.. If you need my vote, it’s there. I don’t care what you do with me and you don’t have to take anything from me because I give it to you–everything, all I own, all I am!” I am trying to follow his example. But man, it is hard, yall! Everyday is an¬†opportunity¬†to give our all to the Lord, but it is inevitable that we will fall short. That is why repentance is my favorite thing in the world! We can account to the Lord every day, and plead for his¬†forgiveness¬†and help to turn our lives completely over to his. Yall, there is nothing I want more than to give my¬†agency to the Lord! But, one day at a time!

So even through harder weeks, Our Savior carries us! I testify, and will always testify of Him!

Sorry, I was a tad melodramatic this week! It is what it is! I love yall a lot! next week I will have news on transfers! Its a big one since itll be my last move of the mission! AHHHH!

August 3–It’s the Best thing in the World

Sharonda got baptized this week! Can you believe it? It was the most beautiful baptismal program ever. Sharonda also got her temple recommend yesterday, so we will be going to the temple with her on Saturday. She is so incredible. We are now tea hinder sister, and a friend of hers in Illinois is on track for baptism as well. She is a better missionary than I am. Go Sharonda!
Okay…you might need to sit down for this one. I hit my 15 month mark this week. Ahhh! Sister Blanchard and I got to go on an exchange (finally) it was so neat to see how much we had both grown in 15 months. I am so grateful for the opportunity to change. It is one of the best gifts given to us. And a mission is pretty much change on steroids. Sometimes it feels a little like whiplash.
Nate and Jori (the couple that one of our members found and surprised us with) are well on their way to baptism. They are amazing. Nate practically teaches the lessons with us to Jori. And he testifies of all the restored truths. Especially Joseph Smith. He loves Joseph Smith! Yall, this is why member missionary work is so flipping important. The real missionary work is don’t through members with the help of the full time missionaries. As my Papa Talbot would say, “Go to! Preach the Gospel! It’s the best thing in the world!”

I would like to bare my testimony that I know without a doubt that God is in the details of our life. Even through the hardest times, he knows what is best. There are no coincidences. Ever. I love this gospel and I love my savior. He is my best friend and I only wish to serve him for the rest of my life. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is all entirely true.

July 20–He is in Charge

Okay, so this week has been pretty fantastic. Dawnna was baptized despite loads of persecution. That woman is a modern day pioneer. The baptism was absolutely beautiful and there were tons of people there to support her.

This week Bro. Mike Hemmingway, director of postalizing for the church visited with a few of us in the mission. It was such a neat experience to learn from him. He helped us to refine our street contacting and our member visits. A day to remember.
This past Sunday, Braydon passed the sacrament for the first time. And, oh my goodness, yall, Ali is in remission from her cancer. She has now beat cancer 3 times. She is currently on her last dose of chemotherapy and she shuffled into sacrament this Sunday to watch Braydon pass the sacrament. She is seriously my icon of strength and faith.
We also had a giant Pioneer Day parade through green valley where we got to hold a giant flag and walk in the parade. It’s every missionaries dream to walk down a street and have loads of people screaming you name and cheering you on. That’s right, it happened.
So everyone we have been teaching has been/about to be baptized (no complaints at all!!!) but we are now beginning to dwindle in our teaching pool. We spent most of the week knocking on doors and talking to everyone we possibly could. And nothing was happening. We tried everything in the book and it wasn’t until after the trial of faith that the lord poured out his blessings. We had knocked on what seemed like the bajillionth door yesterday and no one answered. (Surprise) I turned to sister Browning and said, “alright, that’s it…we need to find someone to teach. Let’s go find them!” And we walked the opposite direction right into a member of our ward who said, “Sisters! We have someone for you to teach!” Haha! They had been working with their neighbor who was on the second time reading through the Book of Mormon and wanted to get baptized. But that’s not all…out of the blue this new investigator walks down the stairs and we were able to have our first lesson right there. Then as we walked back to our car, we got a text referral from a former investigator who said she was ready to take he lessons and get baptized. Yall, if that doesn’t prove that is is God’s work, not ours, I don’t know what will. He could do this without two hooligans in skirts. But he allows is to take part in his plan so that we can Learn and receive joy.
God is fully in charge of our lives. He has it under control. Let him take he wheel!!! Do it! I promise that it is the only way to eternal happiness.

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