Lessons Learned From Observation

This weekend I spent two amazing days apart of a “Spirit Conference” for those affiliated with student support here at Brigham Young University- Idaho. During those two days I was able to be spiritually fed. During the conference just one of the many things we learned about was the importance of Observation. And although I learned many things in the classes we were able to attend, I learned the most by observing the amazing people I got to know and those I got to know better at the conference.

 It has been said that, “The only way evil can triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Even though we live in an ever rotting world,  I am not worried, for as long as their are people like those I got to know this weekend, evil will never triumph.

My Personal Observations:

1.) On our way to our next activity, a few people in our mentor group noticed what looked to be a car stuck in the snow. Without even a word being spoken the boys-nay, men- in our group headed out in full speed to help. I was overwhelmed with the fact that even though we were all freezing and quickly heading a completely different way, these boys were willing to stop and help those who were in need of helping, yet freezing, hands.

2.) The entire weekend I observed as someone I knew, and consider a friend. Even though he had so much he was in charge of and had to do in order to help run the Conference, he never passed up the chance to make someone feel special. He made the point to meet as many people as he could during the confernce. He also took the time out of his busy schedule to greet everyone and make them each feel like a million bucks. I observed his gift to make everyone feel special and everyone feel like he was happy they were there.

3.) I observed another good friend of mine, I would even say we are super close. (in proximity..like maybe we even live together). I watched her as she fearlessly made new friends quicker than you could say “Lauren Anciaux.”

4.)  I watched as the mentors of our group selflessly served each one of us. They took the time out of their day to help train a group of 20 something fellow students. They made the special effort to not only serve us as a group but each one of us individually.

 I observed many people I don’t even know during the entire conference. It amazes me how much you can learn just by opening your eyes. These observations I have made this weekend have helped me to see where I need to improve myself and helped bring me closer to christ.


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