First Letter from Mission

First of all I HAVE to make a quick shout out to Brigham! He has been called to the Ecuador, Quinto mission and is going to KILL IT! And also a quick note to Nana and Papa Mayfield form Elder Perry and Elder Holland! ( No big deal or anything) They would like you to know that the Lord needs more senior missionaries! They need YOU in the field! 🙂 Just a little note to think about!

SO I am officially in Vegas! My first area is in Las Vegas and it is called Paradise! My area specifically is Villa Bonita! But let me tell you, there is nothing “Bonita” about it! I am in the GHETTO! It feels like a foreign country most of the time! BUT I love it so much! The people are amazing and looking for the answers that we have to answer!

It got up to 112 degrees this week…ask me if Im excited about that…IM NOT! It is so hot! I cant even explain in words how hot it is! Pray for me PLEASE!

SO Mom, you would be proud! I have used my Spanish SO much! I have been able to get many new investigators by being able to speak to them in broken Spanish! It has really come in handy! Thanks for that, Merm! 🙂

This week has been super amazing and super overwhelming since it was the first week in the field! There is so much to learn and do that its overwhelming! However like it says in Ether 12:6 (In the Book of Mormon) “by small and simple means are great things come to pass!” I testify to all of you that that is true! I may be small and very simple, but I am a missionary! I am a representative of Jesus Christ! I have already seen so many miracles I cant even begin to have the time to tell you all! Just know that the church is true! It is NO fairy tale!


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