July 14, 2014–BEST. WEEK. EVER.

This week hits the number one spot for best weeks of my entire life! And that, my friends, is not an exaggeration. I have come to more fully understand that there is nothing in this entire world that can bring the kind of joy that the gospel can.

Just to outline what happened this week (since to tell you everything in detail would take all week) here is what happened. I had the opportunity to see the hand of the Lord work miracles. Miracles as miraculous as the parting of the Red Sea. I have learned that these types of miracles happen to us everyday and we don’t even realize them!

I witnessed a grown man, who the Lord has been preparing his entire life to receive the Gospel, sob as he held the Book of Mormon and knew that this was the missing piece in his life.

I witnessed a lonely widow take the first steps to finally be able to be sealed to her husband for time and all eternity.

My companion and I were led by the spirit to the exact places we needed to be in order to further the Lord’s work on the Earth.

I came to realize, more fully, that families are eternal and I am sealed to my family forever! That not even death can keep me from them! And that someday I can be sealed to someone for all eternity as well! Holy Moses that is amazing!

There is NOTHING else that can bring the Joy the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings. Nothing! How amazing is our God? SO amazing!

This week, take the time to look for those miracles. Look for the Lord’s hand in your life and know that he is so mindful of you, personally!

I love you all,

Sister Mayfield


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