July 7–Silly Putty

In Alma 34: 31-32 we are told not to harden our hearts! This is something that I have been pondering on a lot this week, because the hearts of many of the people in Las Vegas have been hardened. We need to make sure that we have “silly putty hearts!” We must be firm (like silly putty) in what we believe and in our faith. However, we need to be moldable in the Lord’s hands. This week I have seen this happen not only in the lives of others, but in my own.

I have found that their are two kids of hearts we come in contact with.

1.) Silly putty hearts: These people (ready for baptism or not) are open and welcome to change. They are willing to let the Lord mold them into the person they are able to become through his Grace.

2.) Those who have left their silly putty hearts out to dry and have become hardened. These people are not willing to change! They are too prideful to lean upon their Savior to succor them. It is sad to see this. The Lord has a vision for each one of us and knows our greatest potential.

However, I have been able to watch as hardened hearts can, indeed be softened. There is something powerful when you bare simple, heartfelt testimony of our Savior. I have watched as the hardest hearts have been softened as they listen to the message of the Savior. That they have someone to turn to. Someone who understands them perfectly! The love of our Redeemer and the witness of the Holy Ghost can soften the hardest of hearts!

If you think about it, when silly putty hardens, we have the ability to put it in the microwave and soften it once again. It is ALWAYS possible to change. Hearts not matter how hard can become softened again through the Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Will you all make sure to have hearts of silly putty? Will you put your hearts into the microwave of our Saviors Atonement and allow the Lord to mold you in his hands? The process might hurt but in the end our God knows us perfectly. He knows our greatest potential and will help us along the road back to him. I promise, hard as it is, it will be worth it!

I love you all!

Sister Mayfield


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