July 28–Be Addicted to Christ

Yes, everyone, I DO want to talk about drugs. 🙂 Being here in Las Vegas, I have seen what drugs and addictions can do to a person. It is NOT pretty. I have seen a total of 6 drug deals and way more families torn apart by drugs since I have been on my mission. This got me thinking…

As a missionary, sometimes I feel a little like a drug dealer. (here me out on this) We approach random strangers and offer them the gospel. To an onlooker our street contacts could maybe look a little like this. “try the Book of Mormon! Just read one chapter. It isn’t going to hurt you. Go ahead just this once.” and then if people decline we hand them our card and ask them to call us if they are ever interested! Honestly, if we weren’t representatives of Jesus Christ, we would seem totally crazy.

BUT THAT’S JUST THE THING! The gospel of Jesus Christ makes people do crazy things. Lehi takes his family and they journey into the wilderness, leaving behind their home, friends and riches. The Anti-Nephi-Lehites bury their swords and kneel on the ground praying to God in gratitude as their enemies kill them one by one. The Sons of Mosiah give up their rights to be king to preach the gospel to a blood thirsty people. These people are crazy! These people are ADDICTED TO CHRIST!

I have found that prayer is the gateway drug to being addicted to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Once someone prays, they are done for. Once our investigators pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true or if Joseph Smith was a prophet, they are hooked. They are consumed and changed by the Atonement. They, simply, cant get enough of it!

The people of Las Vegas are addicted to gambling, pornography, drugs…exc… No wonder they have nickname the city “Sin City.” However, imagine what would happen if the city was addicted to Christ. They would have to rename it “Saint City.”

Imagine what could happen in our own homes, in our own lives if we become addicted to Christ. If we HAD to read our scriptures daily, pray daily and go to church weekly! Addictions create endorphins, which create feelings. When someone is addicted to drugs, you can see it in their countenance and in their eyes. It is the very same thing, when someone is addicted to the Savior. He is in their countenance.

SO as crazy as it sounds, I invite you all to become addicted. Addicted to becoming more like our Savior!

You all never cease to amazing me, I love each of you!

Sister Mayfield




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