August 4–Expect the Unexpected

My Mother (the most amazing Woman to walk the face of the planet) wrote in my journal before I left on my mission that I should always “Expect the Unexpected.” Well, this week proved her point! We received transfer document this weekend and I have been called to be a trainer this new transfer. Meaning I will be training a new missionary coming from the MTC this Wednesday. AHHHH!
I believe I feel a little like what Nephi must have felt when he was tip toeing around the city of Jerusalem trying to get the plates. I can imagine he was scared out of his mind. However, remembered the Savior and found faith. He was faithful that the Lord will lead him on the right path and knew that if the Lords provides a will, he provides a way. Where there is fear there can be no faith.
By the way: Check out this awesome Mormon Message:
So, this week, make sure to expect the unexpected and be ready to take a leap of faith! Replace any fear you have with faith!
Whose on the Lord’s side who?
ME! That’s who!
Love you all!,
Sister Mayfield

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