October 27–Trust in Him

Well, Its happening! I am being transferred out of Villa Bonita. 😦 I have spent all 6 months of my mission here and it have become my heart and soul. It is going to be so hard to leave. I have been called to serve as the STL (Sister Training Leader) for the Anthem/ Warm Springs Zone. And will be serving in the Anthem Stake, Inspirada Ward. I am beyond excited and humbled. It will be a new adventure with no time to think or breathe. It will be completely opposite of Paradise. WOW!

QUICK SHOUT OUT TO ALAN: Congrats on your call to New Jersey! AH!

Other than that, we had an amazing week! Sister Condie and I have been working our hardest this last week in Villa Bonita! Miracles have been seen!

I learned a lot this week about how much I HATE saying goodbye. It is like Elder Uchtdorf has said. We are not created to enjoy endings, since we, ourselves, are eternal. However, I have also learned about beginnings and how powerful they can be. The Lord is in every little detail of our lives. Sometimes we don’t notice it until we are looking back. However, he is always there! We just need to trust in him.

I love you all and hope you all have a stress free week.

Sister Mayfield


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