December 22–Better than Harry Potter

Yall, Yesterday was the best day of my entire life! Sister Kraus and I got to attend the “Why I Believe” fireside our mission puts on every month. They are always packed with the spirit, missionaries and investigators. We got there a little late, and while we were sneaking in, I heard someone say “about time you got here.” IT WAS PATTI AND RICH! Two of my recent converts from Villa Bonita! I got to sit next to them. THEN at the end of the program, I turned around to find SIMONE! Another one of my recent converts. She told me how she just received her Patriarchal Blessing and her first calling! 🙂 Sitting there with the three of them, I have never felt so much joy in my entire life. Eternal joy! Yall, that feeling is even better than singing on stage or hot chocolate or Harry Potter! Better than anything! I cried like a baby!
And guess what makes all of this possible? The gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Even though its 60 degrees today, there is no snow, and it really doesn’t feel like Christmas, I think this will be my favorite Christmas yet. Just the gift of being able to see Patti, Rich and Simone yesterday was enough. That was the best gift EVER…(Even better than the car.)
I really hope you all take the time this week, to think about the gift of our Savior. Think about the gifts that he has given you, and then thank Him for them. Take the time to truly confess and show your gratitude to our Father in Heaven, who never seems to run out of blessings to give his children. We have been abundantly and innumerably blessed by the Gift of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

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