January 19–I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!!

Yall…it’s transfers week. Are you ready for this? I am being transferred to…LAKE HAVASU! Yeah, this Sister is going out of valley! Only 6 Sisters serve out of valley at a time…so I am one of the lucky hand full of Sisters who get the chance to go. It is 3 hours away from Vegas and in Arizona. I wont even be in Nevada anymore. Mom- I’m going to preach the gospel where you partied for your Senior trip. HA!
Anyway, even bigger news is that Tawny (who has been investigating for over a year) IS GETTING BAPTIZED TONIGHT! So that I will be able to be there. She is so ready, and Sister Kraus and I have been extremely blessed to be here for her. She is family. This past Friday she told us she wanted to be baptized. And when we asked her when, she said Monday. So we shall have the first P-day baptism ever! 🙂 What a miracle!
Another fun tid bit….I experienced my first concussion this week. Ha! It was super fun (not.) Side note: playing basketball with a bunch of Elders is hazardous.
I am really sad to be leaving Anthem…and even more sad to be leaving Sister Kraus. Serving with her is way too much fun! (Probably why we aren’t staying together.) She is the best missionary out here!
Yall! I am so blessed! The church is so true! I want to scream it on top of the mountains! THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE! and I get to be a missionary during the hastening of the work! YALL, we are so, incredibly, blessed!BestiesGroup Working HardIn JeansBustin' It

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