January 25–Havasu and Fun Facts

Okay…well this is my third area, and every area I have had so far, has been extremely different. Serving out of valley is almost like serving in an entirely different mission. Its beautiful here in Lake Havasu and its really nice to have apartment complexes to work in. HA! Fun fact for you: Lake Havasu is not really a lake at all. It is a part of the Colorado River. We also have to drive an hour to district meetings and 3 hours to Vegas. We are in complete isolation. The good thing is…were in complete isolation to PREACH THE GOSPEL! 🙂

Another fun fact for you. This one may blow your mind. this Friday is MY 9 MONTH MARK! WHAT?!!!?!?!?!? That is my half way mark. I seriously, feel like I have only been here for a month. Where did the time go? I don’t quite know how I feel about this.

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