February 16–My Creative Juices Have Expired

Okay yall…Remeber when told you I had the plague. Well, the plauge turned out to be a mean case of Tonsillitis. I will let you in on a little missionary secret! Being confined to your apartment for 3 whole days….NOT FUN! It was terrible!

BUT BUT BUT! The 4 days that we had to work were FILLED with miracles! Yall.. This is God’s work! We could not have gotten done everything that needed to be done without his help! We have seen so many miracles. For example, we went to teach a lesson to our investigaor, Mike, last night. As we pulled up, we saw him talking to a younger man, who as we walked up, drove away as fast as possible. When we were talking to Mike, he told us that he had tried to get his friend to stay and listen to our message. His friend, Quinton, was having some major issues. We were sad he didnt stay, but started the lesson anyway. Half way through, the door burst open and in walks, Quinton! We were all shocked. He sat down, put his feet up, and said, “alright, I’m ready.”  He explained how he has lost faith in God, and wanted to know if we could help him. 🙂 YALL, MIRACLES!
Well, I hope you all had a happy LOVE day! I love you all! Keep on keeping on! Look for those miracles that happen everyday. Make sure not to miss them!
Sister Mayfield

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