February 23–Brace Yourself–You will NEVER Believe This

Okay- so I really do not know where to begin with this week! Holy MOSES! Let’s start with this, the Lord has continued to pour out his blessings upon us this week! We seriously have no more room to receive his blessings. The ward comes out with us constantly, they have really began to catch the wave. We had amazing exchanges with the other sisters in Havasu and with the Mission Sister Training Leaders where the lord blessed us with new investigator after new investigator.

Then there was this Saturday…yall, brace yourselves. The day started off super stressful. We had to get up super early to drive an hour and a half to Nevada to exchange back to our normal companions. Sister Hutchinson and I sped all the way back to Havasu and straight to the Lake to set up for our investigator’s wedding. After the bride and groom showed up 20 min late, it went really well! It was a beautiful day for a wedding!
THEN we ran to the church to set up for Eddie and Chuck’s baptism. Thank goodness our ward mission leader went early to fill the font. We were super stressed as the baptism started, but we were so excited for Chuck and Eddie! Everything was going well and Chuck went to be baptized first. We open the curtains and realize….NO ONE TURNED THE WATER OFF! The water was about 3 centimeters from the very top. (Yall..this is just the beginning)Chuck went first. The dunked him under the water…AND THEN, we don’t know how or what happened under the water, but he came up and split his head open on the faucet! Yall, I am not even joking. It was a nightmare. Blood everywhere. Everything went silent…and of course, me being my mother’s child, I start cracking up. It was so bad! He ran back into the bathroom, followed by the stake pres. and bishop. AND THEN Eddie get’s in to be baptized (because the show must go on.) and when he goes under his elbow came up! THEN he pops out of the water yelling “Tah-Dah!” And everyone is silent (obviously, still in shock). So then he goes to be baptized again (because we believe in complete and total immersion.) and he shoots out of the water and the water flies out of the font and floods the carpet. WE ABOUT DIED! So Sister Hutch and I shut the curtains real quick and ran around to the font, where we spent the next 20 minutes scooping water off the carpet with a bowl and back into the font. After we finished cleaning, we turned to leave. And my foot just happened to hit the glass that they use to plug the font, and it shatters into the font. Y’all, this is my life. Icing on the cake!
ANYWAY, even though it ended up being the nightmare of the century, everyone is alive and happy! Chuck was so good (even though, he will probably end up having a giant scar on his forehead, he is so joyful! He and Eddie just glow with the spirit! This week has been so amazing, In my favorite talk EVER, Uchtdorf tells us to Close our umbrellas and receive a shower of heavenly blessings! I have defiantly been able to dance in the Lord’s heavenly shower this week! I love my mission! It is always an adventure, but it is the most amazing decision I have ever made! I never want it to end! Being an instrument in the Lord’s hand is beyond description! It is my ultimate desire.
Love you all!
Sister Mayfield

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