March 2–Expect the Unexpected

Oh my, what a week! It was quite the adventure! It started in urgent care, where we found out my Companion had bug bite cellulitis! In lame-man’s term is basically just an infected bug bite. So they loaded her with antibiotics and sent us on our way.
So then on Wednesday, we had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) in Vegas! They threw so much information at us including…TRANSFER INFO! Hold on to your horses, Yall! Sister Hutchinson is getting transferred back in valley, where she will be going back to Spanish her last two transfers. And Sis. Smith is going to be my companion!!! BUT wait…that’s not all. They are combining the wards here in Havasu. Which means that Sis. Smith and I will be taking on the ENITRE LAKE HAVASU CITY! Umm….what?! Our area IS HUGE! It talks about an hour to drive from one end to the next! So…pretty much…this will be an adventure! President said that this will be one of the first areas to open back up, but until then, we will just have to bust some serious butt!
BUT BUT BUT You will never believe who was called to be the MSTL! SISTER HOPE! Aka..the love of my life and one of the major reasons I have survived my mission thus far. OH! And Elder Farr was called as AP! 🙂 Two people I love and have served with my entire mission! GO TEAM PARADISE! Now back to the story!
So the next day, Sister Hutch’s leg wasn’t getting any better, so on the way home from a lesson, we called a member who worked at the hospital. After we explained the situation, he told us to get to the ER, ASAP! Joy. So we did…and so long story short. We were there from 9-1:30 in the morning. AND she had emergency surgery on her leg. (which I got to actually watch 🙂 ) They cut her open and drained her entire leg! she has a HUGE whole in her leg now. Holy moses! What in the world!
So the next day, Everything went wrong. All of our lessons canceled and things just kept going wrong! So we sat down and were staring at each other thinking, “What is going on this week?” THE PHONE RANG! It was President Snow. He said that he was in Havasu and had two seats in the back of the truck for us to head down to Blythe, California with him. So we did. Where he asked us to speak at a youth conference. It was so crazy. One second everything is going wrong, and the next, were on a 3 hour road trip with our mission President and his wife to speak to a group of youth in BLYTHE, CALIFORNIA. IT WAS AWESOME!
So this week was…different and we were able to invite people to come unto Christ in different ways than normal! It just goes to show that the work goes forward, even if you have a hole in your leg, or drove over 18 hours in the matter of 3 days. The Lord’s ways are higher than our ways and we just have to trust him and do what is expected of us!
Love you all!
Sister Mayfield

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