March 9, 2015–Nearly Headless? How Could you be Nearly Headless?

Well, with two wards and a whole city, it feels like we are running around with our heads cut off. But let me tell you something, there have been more miracles than I can count. Pretty much every second of the day is a miracle that Sister Smith and I are still moving and the work is still progressing. It is HIS work!
Because Lake Havasu is so large, we have been relying fully on the spirit to lead and guide us. (I kinda feel like a real Book of Mormon missionary!!) This past week, we felt strongly to knock on a particular door. Shaun answered the door and said, “Sisters, we are ready for you!” WHAT?! We met with he and his wife, Paulina. They are so amazing! Paulina really opened up to us and explained that all she has ever wanted was to be happy. We were able to testify how the gospel will do just that for her. That through the gospel we find true joy. She cried and thanked us for coming and sharing the message of the Restoration with her. They both came to church (with their baby, Rose) AND They are set to be baptized on the 28th šŸ™‚ yall, that’s why I am on a mission. To help people to feel that same joy that I feel from the gospel! We cannot keep that from those around us. SHARE IT!!
Other than that, I really just want to express my love for my Savor. He lives. He loves us and is always there for us. He understands exactly what we go though and puts people in our lives to help us. We also can be instruments in his hands to help those in need. We should constantly be listening to the promptings of the spirit and head them. Actually do what we are prompted to do. Then it gets easier to recognize those promptings.
Anyway,Ā Will yall take theĀ time to listen for the promptingsĀ of the spirit this week? DO IT! I promise you that you will be more able to recognize those promptings and more capable of becoming tools in the Lords hand.
Stay Sweet, Yall!

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