March 23 — Point Towards The Son

What a week! Sister Smith and I have not had a single second to breathe in the past 3 weeks! Every second is chalked full of miracles and opportunities to learn and to serve. This is every missionaries dream.  I can not believe the Lord trusts us enough to serve here in Havasu. I am so grateful! I feel like the hymn “Count Your Many Blessings,” is a trap. I seriously  feel like I could burst with joy! The Lord never ceases to bless me. I feel like I have no more room to receive them.

This week, I gained a testimony of the quote, “Leadership is lonely.” And I, personally, would like to change the quote just a tad. “CHRISTLIKE leadership is lonely.” Trials and oppositions are hard. They really, really, stink. And when we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, it is sometimes hard to choose the right. That is just the way it goes. But I can testify and promise, that when we choose the way of the Lord, and when we lead as the Savior leads, we are blessed. We may be humbled in the process, but we come closer to our Savior along the way. Jesus Christ gave us the perfect example of how to lead and how to serve. Always be looking for ways to point people to our Savior.

I love the Lord, I love this work!

I love you all!


Sister Mayfield


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