April 13, 2015 — Hava-Transfer

Well this week has been great! We worked hard, lots of things fell through and we had many miracles came out of the wood work! When we are constantly striving to do our part, the Lord makes up for what we cannot do. Anyway, so…its transfer week…and…I am getting transferred! Yup, I am leaving Lake Havasu. 😦 My time out of valley has been super short lived and I have loved it! Havasu has been my refiner’s fire! My goodness, but the people here in Havasu are the absolute best! I will miss all of them so much!

I am getting transferred to the Green Valley/ Black Mountain zone in Henderson! I will be in the Green Valley Stake, Whitney Ranch Ward. (Which I got to serve in for one day before I trained Sister Condie) What I am super excited about is to be companions with the one and only…Sister DeCoster! I have practically worshiped the ground she walks on since I met her. She is phenominal! Sadly, this is her last transfer, so we will only be together for 6 weeks! 😦 But I am beyond excited to serve with her!

Anyway, it has been a successful transfer. We received much success, Tackled two wards (a whole city), survived Spring Break in Lake Havasu, Got invited to our ZL’s weddings (that’s the biggest accomplishment), and were able to work as instruments in the hands of our Lord! How much more could you ask for?

I am super grateful for my time in Havasu! And I am so excited to take on Green Valley.


Sister Mayfield


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