May 4 — Life is Wonderful! :)

Man, life on a mission is never what you think it is going to be! Did I mention that I hit my year mark last week? Umm….what? Life never slows down, and you think you know what is going to happen then…BAM, curve ball! That has been the story of my life in this new area! Its been a little discouraging to look at our plans for the week, then see what really happened. HA! The Lord’s plans are not always what we think should happen. There is so much happiness we can find when we learn that life doesnt have to be perfect to be wonderful! Perfection is overrated anyway. (kidding!) However, when we get caught up on the little things that don’t always go according to plan, we can drive ourselves nuts!

This week I found joy in:
  • Going on a surprise blitz for the zone leaders!
  • Having God literally place the most elect family into our laps.
  • Receiving pictures from Tiffany of her baptism! (S. Kraus and I taught her in Anthem)
  • Being able to fulfill my role as a leader and spend countless numbers with our Sisters.
  • Making zone T-shirts (pics to come)
  • Doing a service project with the zone (cleaning books for HOURS)
The list can go on and on! Sometimes when I go to write these E-mails, I have no idea what to write! I wish i could just let yall experience even half of the joy I receive each and ever day here in Sin City! It’s honestly impossible to put into words! The work in our area is booming, the missionaries in our zone are crazy amazing (emphasis on crazy), the church is true, Christ lives, we are infinitely loved by our Heavenly Father! His plan is perfect! What more could we even ask for?
Keep on Keeping on!
Sister Mayfield

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