May 25–All is well in Zion!

This week has been crazy! We had so much happen! First of all, we had a mission wide conference where Elder Clark and Bro. Donaldson came and briefed us on the use of I-Pads. It was super intense! They talked less about how to turn on the I-Pads and more about how to better access the Atonement of Jesus Christ!

We also have transfers! SOO…I am staying here in Green Valley and Sister Browning will be my new companion! I am super excited, she has been one of my Sisters for a while, and this will be her first transfer as a STL! I am beyond proud of her! She is such a hard worker! Im ready for some serious miracles!
Tami was baptized this week! I have never seen anyone so excited to be baptized in my life! She was floating through the air! Tami is amazing! She lived in Utah when she was in High School and went through some serious bullying because she was not a member. The other day she told me, “If I would have known the joy the church would bring me, I would have done this ages ago!” She was glowing!
Kim and Christian are getting baptized tomorrow before Sister DeCoster and Elder Hernandez go home! They are so ready! I will send Pics of all the baptisms next week!
I am not going to lie, this has been a super hard transfer! However, I have learned that we are infinitely more than our afflictions and limitations! God always makes up for what we lack!
Love yall!
Sister Mayfield

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