June 22–Stop, Drop, and Roll…Its Summer in Vegas!!!

Hello family and friends!

This week did not go as planned! It was crazy!

We had dinner with one of our investigators and her family! Her name
is Alli and we have been working with her and her sons, Braydon and
Brennen for a while now. At the end of dinner she sat us down and told
us she was ready to be baptized! Oh my goodness, I cried with joy.
Alli is the definition of strength. She is undergoing chemotherapy
right now during her 3rd reoccurrence of cervical cancer. She is
amazing! We are so excited for her and her family.

Also, Sharonda who we met the other day, finally came to church and
loved it. She kept smiling and talking to everyone and saying “I’ve
been looking for this spirit. I will be back next week and the week
after and forever.” Oh man, it was so amazing! She just took
everything in and knew it was right. Being a missionary is the best!

Okay, yall, when I say it’s hot…I mean it is so flipping hot! Haha!
Last summer was a breeze compared to this year. Haha! Its so hot, we
started listening to Christmas music to try and stay cool. Oh Vegas,
here we go again. Round 2!!

Stay cool!
Sister Mayfield.


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