June 29–We have had the Opportunity to teach many People

We have had the opportunity to teach many people this week to listen
to the still small voice of the Holy Ghost and the prompting the Lord
gives us. One of our investigators, Sharonda, who is incredible is
searching and hungering to understand how the Lord speaks to her. It
has been so exciting to point out to her when she feels the spirit and
when she is receiving promptings from God.

The blessings of the temple are beyond words. This week my mission
president allowed me to go to the sealing of a young family I our
ward. It was my first sealing I was able to see. It was the most
beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I cried. Boy, did
I cry. The spirit that is in the temple is so thick you could cut it
with a knife.

After the temple, we were waiting in the lobby with our wars, the
doors of the temple opened, and in walked out investigator, Alli. Bald
headed and beautiful she walked into the temple, knowing that is as
far as she could go, but wanting to get as close a possible. She was
glowing and strong, even the day after her chemotherapy. Someday she
will be able to walk freely through the temple with her family and
receive the blessings there.

President Monson has told us to “never postpone a prompting.” I have
been really working on this in my life. And I’m not even going to lie,
I felt like a had been failing. I guess satan got to me a little this
week and made me feel like I was the biggest prompting postponed in
the entire world. On Sunday I was having a really hard day. One of
those days where you question what your doing with your life. I bet
none of yall ever have those days. Anyway, I said a little prayer to
Heavenly Father to help me. When I finished my prayer, I had the
simple thought to ask a new sister in the ward if she was doing all
right. She was sitting in front of me, so I put my arm around her and
said’ “how are you doing?” When she turned around she burst into
tears. I quickly came to sit by her and she opened up to me. She was
completely overwhelmed with her move and the newness of the ward. She
didn’t feel like she was fitting in. She then asked me how I knew
something was wrong. And I told her that I didn’t, that I simply had
the impression to see how she was. And apparently she had been praying
at the exact moment I had been praying. God was aware of both of us in
our time of need and allowed us to be instruments in his hands to lift
us up. This week was just too incredible to portray in an email. But I
know God loves each of his children and his plan is perfect. We just
have to trust in work.

Sister Mayfield


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