July 27–He is in Charge

Okay, so this week has been pretty fantastic. Dawnna was baptized despite loads of persecution. That woman is a modern day pioneer. The baptism was absolutely beautiful and there were tons of people there to support her.

This week Bro. Mike Hemmingway, director of postalizing for the church visited with a few of us in the mission. It was such a neat experience to learn from him. He helped us to refine our street contacting and our member visits. A day to remember.
This past Sunday, Braydon passed the sacrament for the first time. And, oh my goodness, yall, Ali is in remission from her cancer. She has now beat cancer 3 times. She is currently on her last dose of chemotherapy and she shuffled into sacrament this Sunday to watch Braydon pass the sacrament. She is seriously my icon of strength and faith.
We also had a giant Pioneer Day parade through green valley where we got to hold a giant flag and walk in the parade. It’s every missionaries dream to walk down a street and have loads of people screaming you name and cheering you on. That’s right, it happened.
So everyone we have been teaching has been/about to be baptized (no complaints at all!!!) but we are now beginning to dwindle in our teaching pool. We spent most of the week knocking on doors and talking to everyone we possibly could. And nothing was happening. We tried everything in the book and it wasn’t until after the trial of faith that the lord poured out his blessings. We had knocked on what seemed like the bajillionth door yesterday and no one answered. (Surprise) I turned to sister Browning and said, “alright, that’s it…we need to find someone to teach. Let’s go find them!” And we walked the opposite direction right into a member of our ward who said, “Sisters! We have someone for you to teach!” Haha! They had been working with their neighbor who was on the second time reading through the Book of Mormon and wanted to get baptized. But that’s not all…out of the blue this new investigator walks down the stairs and we were able to have our first lesson right there. Then as we walked back to our car, we got a text referral from a former investigator who said she was ready to take he lessons and get baptized. Yall, if that doesn’t prove that is is God’s work, not ours, I don’t know what will. He could do this without two hooligans in skirts. But he allows is to take part in his plan so that we can Learn and receive joy.
God is fully in charge of our lives. He has it under control. Let him take he wheel!!! Do it! I promise that it is the only way to eternal happiness.

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