August 17 — White Doves!

Y’all will never ever believe transfer news. Y’all are going to need to
sit down for this one. I am getting transferred (actually double
transferred) to Central/ Sunrise! That is right up by the temple. But
here is the kicker……my companion is….SISTER FLIPPING HAYCOCK!
Those of you who don’t know, Sister Haycock and I are from be same
home ward. Her Dad is my Bishop back home. Holy Cow! She’s a new STL
and only been out 6 months. I am beyond excited! It’s going to be a
good 2 transfers.

Speaking of that, I worded my last email terribly. I have two more
transfers, not one. Ha! Do t hip me of my time. 😉

This week was crazy! Trainings galor. You know what, I can’t complain
about anything in my life. LIFE IS WONDERFUL!

We took Nate and Jori to the temple and it was he most amazing
experience. We walked around the entire temple silently and then Nate
practically bore his testimony that the church is true. Then, get
this, when we went and sat in the atrium, there was a little white
dove there, who sat peacefully the entire time we were there. I love
the temple, and the tender mercies of the Lord. There is no doubt in
my mind he is constantly aware of our every need.

Hope y’all have a great week!


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