August 24 — Good Morning!


Well I am officially in love with my new area and my new companion. I
could not wish for anything more. Sister Haycock is incredible and it
took no time to become the best of friends.

This week I would like to set aside the lessons we taught (which we
amazing) and the amazing investigators we are now teaching (who are
incredible) and bare my testimony on the Plan of Salvation and the
temple. I received a call from the office this past week Informing me
that my dear friend Derek White had passed away in a fatal car
accident. I knew him better as Elder White, for we had the opportunity
to serve along side each other for some time here in Vegas. He was
down here in Vegas visiting those he taught and those of us he knew,
and while on his way back, he was in an accident and passed away on
the spot.

This week my love for the gospel has grown even more as I have been
able to give tours of the temple and testify that I know God has a
plan for us. His plan includes the opportunity to see our loved ones
after this life. We can be sealed to our families forever. We will see
Derek again. And the temples are proof that of God’s love. Thank
goodness for the Plan of Salvation! Thank goodness for a Savior who
broke the bonds of death and has created a way for us to return to our
Heavenly Father and to our loved ones. So death never has to be the
end. Because of our Savior we have everlasting beginnings.

My heart and prayers go out to the white family and all those who knew
Derek. He was an incredible missionary, pianist and friend. He will be
missed terribly.

The church is true, y’all. It really is.
Sister Micole Mayfield


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