September 7 — I Could Fly!

This week has been absolutely nuts. I don’t even know where to begin.
We had days full of meetings and teaching and finding and baptisms and
persecution and triumph. It’s been a good one.

This week I grew extra grateful for the gift of a testimony. There is
no better gift. This week we were reminded multiple times why Vegas
has been given the nickname, “sin city.” But in return we gained a
stronger gratitude for the beauty of the gospel in our lives. I have
been completely spoiled.

We had our first baptism in this area. Her name is Gloria. She is also
from Georgia and we have been teaching her from day one here. The
baptism was phenomenal and she came out yelling, “I feel like I could
fly!” Man, the spirit will do that for you. What a saint. Gloria
always has the ability to put in words what everyone is thinking but
won’t say. The gospel really does make you feel like you could fly.

He lives, Y’all. There is no doubt in my mind. And we can share that
fact with everyone we come in contact with. Even if we are not a full
time missionary. We are always called to be full time disciples. A
disciple is a learner. One who is learning to be more like our Savior.
That is our ultimate goal. And it’s hard. But it’s worth is.

I love all of you.
Sister Mayfield.


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