September 28 — Catch Up

Okay, please forgive me for not having written everyone in so long. It
has been a crazy few weeks. But here we are again, at the start of a
new transfer. Sister Haycock and I are being split up. (We knew it was
just a matter of time, since we got a long so stinking well. ) I will
be getting Sister Leete here in Sunrise. She is a great sister who is
also quite old in the mission. She is a hard worker, so I am super
excited about being able to work her to the ground this last and final

The work has being going well. We have this investigator named Jimmy
who is just fascinated with the gospel. He thrives in our lessons and
is preparing to be baptized next week. He reminds me how joyful the
gospel is. Especially to those who have never known exactly how much
God loves them. People need this gospel in their lives.

Any of you ladies watch the Women’s Conference?! Man, it was
incredible. (As always. ) my favorite quote from Sister McConkie was,
“The family is the central part of the Work of Salvation.” How true is
that? Families are just as much of the Plan of Salvation as the
creation was. I love my family.

I Just want to let all of y’all know that I have a strong testimony of
prayer and fasting. The two combined can work miracles. Never
underestimate what can be done through Christ.

Anyway…a quick Happy Birthday shout out to my Aunt Mindy!
And I really hope all is well. I love y’all so much, it hurts.
Keep prayin’ ….I promise He listens.
Sister Micole Mayfield


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