October 19–Listen

Something I have absolutely loved learning is the language of the
spirit. I have found that it’s like the muscles in our arms. The more
we use them, the stronger they get. It is the same with the spirit.
Not long ago I made the commitment to act on all promptings large or
small. Rather I thought it was my own thought or the Lord. And man,
have I seen a difference. At first the promptings were small and
unfruitful, but as I acted on each one, they got larger and more
constant. And then came the miracles. Some have been small. Such as
being prompted to bring an extra book or Mormon to dinner and the
member needing it. And then as large as finding a wonderful new
investigator such as, Shannon.

We had an awesome exchange miracle! Sister Allen and I went to a
teaching appointment and sadly, they were not there. But as we were
walking down the street, we started talking to a group of guys fixing
a car. They weren’t interested but told us their friend might be. We
went and knocked on their friends door and you wouldn’t believe it. He
was currently sort of meeting with the elders in that area and was
just in need of a prayer. And then BAM God sent the missionaries.
After getting to know him a little, we were able to discern his needs
and the Lord was able to use us as his instruments. It was so neat.
Before we walked away, I had the distinct impression to ask him to be
baptized. When I did, he lit up and said, “I think thats what God
wants me to do.” It was an incredible moment. Almost as incredible as
the elders faces when we told them. Haha! Missionary work is the best!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week!
Don’t forget to ponderize.
Sister Mayfield.


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